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Sustainability and love for the planet are at the very root of my work and I want every piece to be a connection back to the peaceful nordic forest, to nature and the beautiful resources Earth offers us.

I create pieces that connect you to the quiet of a nordic forest.


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about my work

my roots & inspiration

My connection to wood largely stems from my childhood memories and serves at the ultimate inspiration behind my work.


When I grew up, I was outside most of the time, in my home neighbourhood or at my grandparents’ place in the Finnish countryside. I’ve always loved spending time in nature, in the forest. My grandpa used to teach me the latin names of plants, my second dad who works in forestry taught me about trees. I’ve always felt an unbreakable connection to the outdoors.

I dream of a place in Lapland in the middle of nowhere. Surrounded by the peace and quiet of the Lappish nature. When I need quiet, I go to the woods behind our home and it’s like entering an entirely different world.

That’s what nature means to me: peace. The kind of peace you cannot find anywhere else, that reaches deep into your soul. In a way nature is god for me. A higher power that people try to control, but they never can. We should live in harmony with it and not take more from it than we give.

Nature gives me the quiet and focus to slow down and see the most important things. It gives me the strength to break conventions and re-invent things that aren’t working.

I want every piece I craft to be a connector to the Finnish nature that inspires me so deeply. I want people to be able to feel the peace and quiet of a nordic forest when they hold it in their hands, see the perfect beauty of nature in the lines and grain of the wood.


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Sustainable practices & better choices everyday

We can change the world by making simple, everyday choices. I believe that it’s all about finding the right ways for our- selves in which we personally can make a difference. There is no such thing as the perfectly sustainble life, but as long as we strive to be better every day, we can push towards a safer future for our planet.

In today’s world, so often we only treat the symptoms of a problem, slap a plaster on it, without getting to the root of the issue. With my work, I want to go deeper.

I vow to use the most ecological materials and practices available to me, creating my products without glue and only using natural oils to finish them. I ship plastic-free in recycled materials and encourage my suppliers to do the same. For you, I create wooden pieces that are purposeful and that you can use forever.


Make your products last forever


Care for your wooden pieces

Every spoon, every utensil, every cutting board is made sustainably with function and purpose in mind. When you buy from September Co, you invest into a piece that will - with proper care - be with you and your family for life.



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Wooden utensils and cutting boards are not meant to be washed like other dishes, instead they are ideally wiped clean directly after use or rinsed with cold water.


Only if needed, use a mild soap to clear off food rests.


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Your wooden products need to be oiled from time to time. The better you oil them - the easier they are to keep clean. Apply linseed, poppy or walnut oil generously, let soak for a moment, then wipe off.


If there is nothing to wipe off, oil again and let soak.

Special care

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If your wooden utensils go rough after a while, you can wet them then sand them down with the finest sandpaper or you can use a technique called burnishing. Simply take a very smooth stone and rub the rough parts of the wood with it until they go shiny and smooth.

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